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Sustainability​ and Regulatory Strategy

​​From daily business operations to long-term solutions, we develop in-depth sustainability and regulatory programmes to guide your company through the rising challenges.


It is crucial for businesses to incorporate strategies for sustainability and regulatory requirements. Being the gatekeeper of your business’s health, Changetic provides sophisticated systematic approach as follows covering aspects that are important to stakeholders and the society. 


   Sustainability Strategy & Communications

Sustainability communications are the process of shaping the company’s key sustainability messages to its investors and relevant stakeholders in the context of business strategy and long-term value creation.

  • Providing guidance on how sustainability issues are framed

  • Assisting the board to formulate relevant business strategy which incorporates sustainability operations

  • Identifying and managing sustainability risks, challenges and opportunities

ESG Framework & Reporting Services

Environmental, Social, and Governance are focused on supporting and improving listed companies' governance and disclosure of ESG activities. A listed company at the HKEx is required to submit its annual ESG report covering the same period reported in its annual report.

  • Establishing an ESG Framework 
    (sustainability analysis, data analysis,and reporting)

  • Effective integration of sustainability / ESG factors into strategy and business activities

  • Ensuring the importance of ESG to the company’s strategy and long-term performance

  • Suggesting data reporting methods, reporting framework, and preparing annual ESG reports 

  • Developing reports enable to develop an idea of current practices, ESG performance, and future operational strategies


Sustainable Finance 

Disclosures in ESG factors are becoming one of the key components assessed by investors against the company's longer-term financial and operational performance. Investors are more inclined to invest in companies with business value driven by sustainability / ESG integration in their strategic and operational activities including

  • Disclosures in ESG factors

  • Building investment portfolios with the company's ESG factors and sustainable finance initiatives

  • Driving the company's ESG progress, companies present financial value 

Regulatory Business Licences  

Anticipation and adapting of rules and regulations changes are essential for all businesses which is required continual attention. Our Regulatory Strategy assists our clients in anticipating and adapting to changes in their regulatory environment by developing relevant business strategies.

We assist you in managing the following business licenses:

• Education Business
• Employment Agency
• Estate Agency
• Event Management Company


• Financial Services Company

• Travel Agency

• Restaurant / Food

• Trading Company

  • Assessing and developing regulatory strategies

  • Addressing current regulatory licensing requirements and challenges

  • Providing proposed workflow processes on how to apply for the relevant business license and other regulatory requirements

  • Suggesting data reporting methods, reporting framework, and preparing annual ESG reports 

  • Streamlining and integrating the regulatory requirements into diverse business operating models


Regulatory Compliance

We provide valuable input and offer proactive and practical compliance solutions and recommendations to brokerage houses, fintech firms, insurance companies and all spectrum of asset management companies, including private equity firms, hedge funds, independent financial advisors, helping them meet complex compliance obligations under local regulatory compliance requirements, including:

  • Ongoing Compliance Services

  • Implementation of Compliance Framework

  • Compliance Mattes covering Products, Conduct and Change Management

  • Advisory on Anti-Money Laundering Matters

  • Market Compliance

  • Compliance Health Check

Incubator Programme for ESG-focused
Start-ups in Asia-Pacific

The incubator Programme for ESG-focused Start-ups is a six-month programme designed to support business founders to grow their businesses, through peer learning and mentorship in the areas of ESG. 

Selected companies will receive the followings:

  • Mentorship and Experts’ Guidance -

    Each founder will be introduced to a business mentor and an industry expert for providing guidance

  • Business Development and Marketing -

    Changetic’s professional team will assist in formulating a business development and marketing plan

  •  Investor Introduction -

    We will access to our network of impact investors and arrange pitching events to venture investors;

  •  Equity Investment -

    A minimum of US10,000 will be provided plus business services to the founder for business expansion

The incubator Programme for ESG-focused Start-ups is powered by Changetic and supported by Naxis and Think Tank Media.

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