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Not a "MUST" to increase in Summer

Most of us like eating ice-cream in summer, a seasonal sales increase is a MUST?

It is not the whole story.

Audience's habits keep changing and various competitors emerge, a great sales revenue in the past years does not mean so in the present years.

So what is the key to have a steady sales growth?

The key is A Strategic Planning before the arrival your peak sales season, let’s see how it works in the below case sharing:

A Hong Kong ice-cream brand with its uniqueness of low calories and high protein nutrition ice-cream, it got a great and steady sales in 2019 and 2020. However, different competitive brands from Thailand and America emerged in 2021, caused a serious drop of sales.

Changetic helped to plan a wide range of marketing campaigns for a short period:

1. Focus on website sales increase

2. Analyse the customers purchasing habit and hesitation

3. Develop a new sales campaign and marketing solution

4. Responsive marketing operation, customers service and execution

There came a over 300% sales increase in a month comparing to the previous months and the same period of last year.

Changetic takes care of your needs and provide innovative suggestions for your business growth.

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