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Case Study
Career Development & Education Brand
Advertising Capabilities
Remarkable numbers


  • Keyword search people reach

  • ​Pay $1 to get 6 audience 


  • Facebook Advertisement 

  • ​Pay $1 to get 8 audience 


  • Inquiry lead from Keyword search & Facebook Advertisement 

  • Daily 8 - 12 potential customers generation

  • The lowest cost per lead : HKD25 

Brand introduction

  • Offers beauty care and services training

  • Courses include Nail Art, Ear Spa, Eyelash technician, etc

  • Courses are provided with practical exercises and examination assessments that are complement with the beauty care theories and skills

Changetic Efforts

  • Advertisement Placement

  • Performance Analysis

  • Advice on the marketing strategies according to the market dynamics

  • Utilize the recent resources to optimize the achievements and effectiveness

Changetic’s Accomplishment

  • Google Advertisement reaches 1.1 M audience with budget less than $60K generating 6 audience per $1 and ensure the CPC not higher than $6

  • Facebook Advertisement reaches 500k with budget less than $70K,generating 8 audience per $1

  • Generating more than 700 inquiries on Facebook, average 5-6 new inquiries each day ensuring the CPS lower than $30

  • Enhance the brand exposure and discover the new target audience, effectively deliver the advertisement to the target group

  • Reach target audience in all aspects

  • Greatly increase the number of course-related enquiries

  • Effectively drive the number of website visit and improve the website ranking on Google

Thailand Frozen & Instant Desserts
Branding & Sales Campaigns
Remarkable numbers


  • Sales Channels pitching & increase 

  • Sales Channel Tradeshow pitching & operation


  • 1st stage, within 1 month of preparation & 2 month marketing operation, sales in Hong Kong increase from HKD10,000 to over HKD200,000

  • Continuous sales campaign in successful sales channels and tradeshow pitching, average monthly sales increase to Total HKD 600,000 

Brand introduction

  • A Thailand brand

  • Offered signature frozen desserts from Thailand

  • No representative or marketing department in Hong Kong

  • Sales location:Wellcome, ParknShop, AEON, citysuper, Abouthai, UNY, Apita, HKTVMall

Changetic Efforts

  • Provided all rounded marketing support, including customer services, promotion, social media management, promoter recruitment, creative production

  • Developed the significant features of the brand and product

  • Devised the marketing strategies and campaigns

  • Organized and arranged media exposure

Changetic’s Accomplishment

  • 1st stage - within 1 month of preparation & 2 months of marketing operation - sales in Hong Kong increased from HKD10,000 to over HKD200,000

  • Sales channels pitched and increased

  • More than 70 sales channel tradeshow pitching & operation organized

  • Continuous sales campaign in successful sales channels and tradeshow pitching, average monthly sales increased to a total of HKD 600,000

  • Expanded the product variety from 3 products to 5 product options

  • Expanded the sales location to broaden exposure and reach more audience

  • Continuous growth of Sales during the promotion period

Taiwan Food & Beverage Brand 
Online Sales Campaign target Taiwan market from Hong Kong
Remarkable numbers


  • Facebook Advertisement  people reach​


  • Website traffic increase in a month


  • Sales order increase after sales campaign launched


  • Sales campaign with discounted price launch, total sales on website increase

Brand introduction

  • Ice-cream brand

  • Founded in HK

  • Recently active in Taiwan market

  • Features: high protein with low calories

  • Main Sales channel: Online

  • Challenges : 
    - Unstable sales in Taiwan
    - Lack of sales / promotion in Taiwan online shop
    - Lack of regular sales in Hong Kong
    - Aims to hit the more supermarket's shelves in Hong Kong
    - Expand the market to Macau

Changetic Efforts

  • Market and performance analysis and advice

  • Devise sales campaign

  • Ad placement (social media)

  • Social Media management advice

  • Graphic Design for website social media

Changetic’s Accomplishment

  • Effectively create traffic to the website
    - The visit of the website increase substantially in a month, and it even triples up on some days, approximate 368%

  • Sales increased in Taiwan online shop
    - sales increased 232%, and orders raised 327%

  • Advertisement performance
    - The Advertisement reached more than 450,000 people in a month with around 2K budget

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